Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

Datasire works with a specific testing strategy and execution model for web, mobile and e-commerce applications. We deem it as a job and take great responsibility. To ensure quality testing at Datasire, for customer applications and infrastructure, we work to deliver premium quality of software testing services.

Software test consultants detect defects and amend the code which is re-tested by the developers and this is a cyclic and streamlined process as a standard practice keeping in view of user's perception.

Test Labs

Architected with technology, our test center is fully accommodated producing best results for every software test which includes:

  • Manual and automated Testing'
  • Performance Testing
  • Testing advisory
  • Maintenance and support Testing
  • Resilience Testing
  • Manual and Automation Testing includes QC, JIRA, and QTP
  • Manual testing is essential as it's considered as 100% Automation is certainly not achievable.
Software Testing Services

Some of the Manual Testing types are:

Software Testing Services
  • Black Box
  • White Box
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Integration Testing

Both manual and automated testing is equally important as it helps in finding most of the defects. The process requires important and skilled expertise.