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About Modeling Methods

IDEF is referred as Integrated Definition

Modeling is about graphical presentation that enables members of your organization to understand and communicate about the rules of and processes of business. Business Modeling and Data Modeling are the two of the most important types of modeling. This is also considered to be an efficient and very effective way to represent the needs of an organization.


IDEF0 is a method referred in Business Process Modeling which is helpful in making decisions, actions and activities of an organization or system. Diagrams are mostly represented in a simple box with arrow graphics and text labels.

Business Process

Business processes are explained as a set of activities occurring internally or externally in an organization that work together to achieve a business.

Data Modeling

Representing as a concept of data structure (tables) necessary for database, this is a very powerful model of communicating business requirements.

Data Warehouse

According to Inmon, famous author for several data warehouse books, "A data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, time variant, non volatile collection".

Metadata and BI

Metadata is data about data and Metadata tools are used for gathering, storing, updating, and for retrieving the business and technical metadata of an organization.