Business Process

Business Process

Business processes are explained as a set of activities occurring internally or externally in an organization that work together to achieve a business end results for customers and organization.

Business Process Tools

BPM Tools

Business Process Management (BPM) Tools work efficiently to create application that is most helpful in business process models, process flow models and data flow models. Further in the framing of rules that optimize, monitoring, simulating and in maintaining a whole range of process that occur within organizations.

Business Process Management

New or existing business, it needs a set of activities that require business process management in helping organization to optimize current business processes and future organizational and operational changes.

Business Process

Advantages of BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is implemented in many organizations to augment the automation of existing and upcoming business processes. BPM is an essential tool to maximize an organization's ROI (Revenue of Income), Quality and service provided to the customers. Further the dominance of BPM tools and the requirement of automation in business process in modern day business paradigm, companies are choosing BPM.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering is required for an organization to assess and re-assess its decisions, goals and targets as these help in improving the performance of a business.

Business Process Modeling

Referring to a collective group related activities or business processes for a specific service or product, business processes are visually presented in the form of diagrams, graphics and text labels and these are also known as Business Process Models.

Business Process Modeling Tools

Business Process Modeling Tools help in creating business process models, process flow models and data flow models.

Business Process Modeling Example

Business Process Modeling is about a collective group of related activities or business processes that emphasize a specific service or product.

Process Flow Modeling

Used to graphically explain the various process that occur in an organization and the relationship between them.

Data Flow Modeling (DFD)

Data Flow Modeling (DFD)

DFD has five basic elements viz., activities (processes), data flows (arrows), data stores, external references and physical resources. Coming as an elevated approach, it focuses on the flow of data and the movements within a business or organization. Business process DFDs are created for the purpose of developing application softwares and they also describe about the data sources, destinations, flows, data storage and transformations.


Coming as a regular and routine activity, organizations perform many business tasks, everyday processes in respect of employees, systems, internally and externally which are referred as B2B to achieve its goals and many of these processes are managed manually in many instances.

Activity Monitoring

Business monitoring is a part of Business Process Management tool that helps in monitoring, aggregation, analysis, measurement and presentation of business activity. This is mostly done by the executives or those who are authorized to make better decisions.